Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Sunshine

Today is my cat Sunshine's birthday; he's 13. How did that happen?

This is us at my college graduation (he was a graduation present from a friend):

He's always preferred running water to water from a bowl:

He also knows how to get very comfortable:

And he's never been afraid of dogs, big or small:

He also loves to greet people at the door, "help" with whatever project you might be trying to do and sleep on my chest (which is a tad uncomfortable since he weighs about 17 pounds). He also puts on a really good tough guy act, but he's a mama's boy at heart.

Happy Birthday Sunshine!

Monday, April 12, 2010

I should be writing but....

I should be working on my Script Frenzy script. But Mondays take a lot out of me. It all starts with the alarm clock jarring me out of sleep too early. I am not a morning person. I never have been and likely never will be. You think I'd learn to go to bed earlier on Sunday nights, but I'm so unwilling to let go of weekends that I end up going to bed a few hours later than I'd planned. Every. Single. Sunday. Apparently there are some things I don't learn easily.

So, I'm not working on my Script Frenzy script. I'll get back to it tomorrow. I feel like I'm in a good place with it (that WE are in a good place with it since I have a fantabulous writing partner) so I don't feel pressured to write tonight. Which is awesome because pressured writing isn't good writing most of the time.

Also, I decided today that I don't post enough pictures here so I'm going to make a concerted effort to be better about that. So, here we go.

This is me in my parent's driveway circa 1980.

The driveway is paved now, but has only been paved for a few years. And the trees are bigger now (as am I). But the view is just as beautiful.

And this one is just because I thought about the picture while Maggie and I were walking today. And I can't wait to get back up to Maine. And my iPod decided today was Maine playlist day.

And to send a message out to the Universe, here's a snippet from the Power of Two by the Indigo Girls. Are you listening Universe?

Chase all the ghosts from your head
I'm stronger than the monster beneath your bed
Smarter than the tricks played on your heart
We'll look at them together then we'll take them apart
Adding up the total of a love that's true
Multiply life by the power of two

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ahhh spring

It's early spring here in beautiful Connecticut. The last few days were downright hot (93 degrees on Wednesday according to the news, 98 according to my car) giving us a taste of what's to come in a couple months. I love the spring (minus the pollen part). You can practically watch the leaves growing on the trees. Flowers start to bloom. Everything that was brown and dead looking turns green and vibrant again. Colors explode everywhere. I become infused with hope for the year. I think spring is my favorite season (minus the pollen part) with fall coming in a very close second.

I had all sorts of things I was going to post about. Like how my credit card number was stolen and how the customer service rep made me feel even worse about it when she couldn't believe I didn't have family in the area who could come sign for a FedEx for me while I was at work after I'd just explained to her that I was three hours from home visiting my family and was no where near a computer when some criminal was charging $14 worth of online financial services on my credit card. Thanks Citigroup, it's not enough to have your credit card information stolen but you hire customer service reps who act like you've got three heads when you explain you have no family near you.

Or how I had to tell one of my staff that I didn't have a half hour to argue with her yesterday and that she just needed to do as I'd asked even though the situation wasn't ideal. Or how I'm so sick of hearing that same employee complain about the same things that aren't going to change. She should know that by now. She's been doing the same job for nine years.

Or how wonderful it is that I don't have to celebrate Ms. Ex's birthday anymore because her birthday lasts an entire month even though my birthday is 10 days after hers and in the same month and only ever lasted a day.

Or how I've realized how reserved I am. Even on this blog I give everyone nicknames. I have never mentioned exactly where to work. I refer relatively vaguely to my friends and family (have I even mentioned my family? I can't remember. That's sad.). I play everything in my life close to the vest. This is neither good nor bad, just something I've noticed.

Instead I'll just show you this. Here's what spring looks like at my house.

And in honor of spring a little She & Him.