Saturday, February 21, 2009

So freaking sick

Well, no wonder I was so tired at the beginning of the week. My body was preparing to get sick. And when I say sick I mean you can barely get off the couch or out of bed sick. Weak and exhausted and achy with a huge headache and a fever of 102. I would like to thank my boss for this illness. I would like to thank her for "using her best judgment" and "acting as an adult" and deciding to come to work and be a freaking martyr when if she would have just stayed home for a few days she wouldn't have gotten the rest of us so sick.

Yes, the rest of us. There's me and I'd say at least four other people that I know of in our department that are sick because of her. And I think I probably gave it to at least one friend because she's sick too (sorry Francesca, but movie night was still fun!).

I shouldn't be blogging right now, I should be sleeping. But I fear that if I do sleep now I won't sleep tonight. And the laptop is so nice and warm on my lap and my feet are like blocks of ice. And I ache from laying down so much. My back is killing me. Oh and I am crampy. Because it's not good enough just to be sick, I have to have my freaking period too.

This is when I miss living with someone. When I need another cup of tea or some soup or someone to let the dog out or take her for a walk because she is bored out of her mind and does not understand that mommy is so sick she can barely peel herself off the couch. Otherwise I love living alone.

I really have nothing more to say. So sick, so mad at my boss, so nearly out of canned soup, so not up to going to the grocery store, so afraid to shower because I nearly passed out getting out of the shower yesterday so really not up to being seen in public. I don't even have a song quote for this post. Too sick for that.

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Francesca said...

Well, whatever I had is nothing like what you have. Stay home tomorrow and use your best judgment!