Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day Two

Day two of the 30 day song challenge is your least favorite song. I posted the Rebecca Black Friday video on Facebook. I mean, it is pretty bad. Later on I heard the cast of Glee sing their version and I....almost liked it. It was actually catchy. I might be slightly ashamed to admit that.

Anyway, I'm not going to post either video here. If you haven't heard the song you can YouTube it yourself. But trust me, save your ears.

I could easily have posted the following song instead. I quite dislike it. It actually makes me uncomfortable for some unknown reason. And as such I tend to forget about it which is why I didn't use it when I posted Day two on Facebook.

Landslide - Fleetwood Mac

I sometimes feel like the only person in the world that dislikes this song, but I have recently been reassured by a good friend that she too loathes it with a fiery passion. In fact, I didn't even watch this video before posting it. I just made sure it didn't start with an advertisement (with the sound on my laptop off). I have no idea if the sound quality is good or if the picture is decent. There could be a weird dismemberment or sex scene in the middle of the video and I wouldn't know.

I can tolerate the Dixie Chicks cover of Landslide. Their voices don't grate on me and make me uncomfortable like Stevie Nicks's (Nicks'??) voice does. If I never heard this song again I wouldn't mind at all.


Alison said...

I HATE LANDSLIDE TOO! You are definitely not alone :)

I hate any Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks music--but Landslide is by far the worst!

KK said...

SO crazy! I don't mind their music @ all! However, there are some songs that are... well... not my favs o' theirs. AND, there's a song that I like--but, it's so sad & when bands play it... it's even more strange that people slow dance to a sad song... "Silver Springs"

Sorry they grate on you (in a very bad way). I'll remember never to play any o' my old cds around you!