Friday, March 6, 2009

30 Random Songs on my iPod

Because apparently I am a follower and also because apparently my motivation has taken a road trip to Vegas I present to you 30 random songs on my iPod. The inspiration for this post comes from the following post on the Jennsylvania blog:

Shuffle on my iPod is an interesting creature. I have a more eclectic mix of music on it than even I think I should have. And as is typically the case my iPod is already playing on shuffle as I type this. I'm 72 songs into this shuffle and I'm not going to start over so without further ado here goes.

1. Word Up - Melanie G from the Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me soundtrack. Ms Ex. owned this and when I was loading up my iTunes before our split this is one of the discs I loaded. This may in fact be only the second or third time this song has come up on shuffle in the two or three years I've had it in my iTunes.

2. The Road Home - Heart. I bough The Essential Heart discs a couple years ago specifically for the song Alone. I skip a lot of the other songs that come up. This is one that I can take or leave.

3. Catching on Fire - They Might Be Giants. The song is all of 12 seconds long.

4. Whirpool - Seal. This is another of Ms. Ex's discs.

5. Our Last Summer - Mamma Mia! soundtrack Original Broadway Cast. If you haven't seen this show and you like Abba music you HAVE to go see it. I love this musical, not as much as I love Rent, but I do love it. The movie was pretty good too. Amanda Seyfreid is wonderful in it. I could have done without Pierce Brosnan.

6. Tight - INXS. I would have preferred a different INXS song to come up.

7. Where Life Begins - Madonna off of the Erotica album. I typically skip songs from this album. They just don't do it for me.

8. Pictures of You - The Cure. This song reminds me of college. And the angst and drama of my first sort of girlfriend.

9. Time After Time - Cindy Lauper & Sarah McLachlan. I love this version of this song. I'd love it even more if Cindy just let Sarah sing the whole thing.

10. I Have A Dream - Mamma Mia! Soundtrack Original Broadway Cast. I guess it's an Abba kind of day for me!

11. Fashion Victim - Green Day. I have great love for Green Day and have ever since Dookie. This isn't one of my more favorite songs, but it still makes me bob my head along to the beat.

12. Fallible - Blues Traveler. I'm really not a Blues Traveler fan, but when I loaded the disc with that one song I like on it I loaded the whole thing. I usually skip the other songs.

13. Baby - UB40. Again a reminder of the college years. Specifically this time driving back and forth to college in my first car a gold VW Jetta that I named Bastard. I loved that car.

14. Yes, Anastasia - Tori Amos. I'm not actually all that familiar with this Tori song. The Little Earthquakes album is my favorite of hers and this is not from that.

15. You Had Me - Joss Stone. I like her voice a lot, but I'm not a fan of a lot of her songs. She's one of those artists that I'd like to hand a song list and ask her to sing those specific songs for me please and thank you.

16. American Idiot - Green Day. Now this is a Green Day song I LOVE. "Subliminal mind fuck America." Great lyric!

17. Worthy - Ani DiFranco. I was wondering when Ani would pop up since my iPod has been playing quite a lot of her the last few days.

18. Something I Can Never Have - Nine Inch Nails. This is yet another college song and again it reminds me of my first "girlfriend." I'm using the quotes around girlfriend because while that was what she was in my mind I'm sure in her mind I was just a toy, a thing to be played with when she was bored or had a little time.

19. The Climb - No Doubt. I really have no comment for this song. I don't recall ever having heard it before.

20. Straight On - Heart. Here's another one that I typically skip.

21. I Don't Wanna Talk About It - Indigo Girls. Excellent song. This one reminds me of another college girlfriend and her sister. They used to sing it together and harmonize and since they both had great singing voices it was so much fun to listen to them. I don't want to fast forward through this one, but since I'm blogging on my lunch hour I suppose I have to.

22. Solid - The Dandy Warhols. I bought this disc because everyone on a CD swapping site that I belonged to was talking about this group. They are just eh for me. I swapped this CD and got something else in return. I have no idea what I got for it.

23. Trust - The Cure. I don't really love the Cure all that much but they do come up in my shuffle a lot. Which is strange to me since I have maybe 2 albums of theirs in my iTunes.

24. Whatever - Ani DiFranco. This one is version off Living in Clip. I love the Living in Clip versions better than the studio versions of most of her songs.

25. Homesick - Train. This album was given to me by a former colleague who bought it, hated it and thought I would like it so she gave it to me. I don't love it, but it's okay. I have no idea what made her think that I would like it, but she was adamant that I have it so I took it.

26. A Day In The Life - The Beatles. I've had lots of The Beatles the last few days too. Love them even though this isn't one of my favorite songs.

27. The Slant - Ani DiFranco. See what I mean about my iPod thinking I need to hear a lot of Ani lately???

28. Omaha - Counting Crows. Another college song for me. I can still remember the way a certain classroom was set up. During one of the many English classes that I took in that room I wrote a portion of the lyrics to one of the songs off this album on one of the desks. I wonder if that desk is still there? Granted that was like 13 or 14 years ago so I'm sure it's gone by now, but still I wonder.

29. To Have and Not To Hold - Madonna. This is off her Ray of Light album or the album which will always remind me of the early days with Ms. Ex. I can remember riding around town with her in her black Jeep Cherokee listening to this disc. Madonna was her favorite. Those are good memories of Ms. Ex.

30. Hunter - Dido. I know the song but didn't know it's title. Huh.

31. Stop! - Erasure. I'm putting in a bonus song just for the heck of it. This also reminds me of college. I can still see how my dorm room was set up. I had a single and my bed was by the window and my stereo was on my dresser across the room. My first "girlfriend" got me listening to Erasure and New Order and The Petshop Boys.

32. Pump up the Jam - Technotronic feat. Felly - Bonus song number two! Weren't the 90s fun?!

I am surprised there's no Rent on this list, but considering I'd already heard three or four songs from the soundtrack before I started writing this post I guess it's not all that surprising. Also surprising is the lack of classical music. My iPod has also been on a classical kick the last few days. Makes for an interesting transition when you go from Green Day to Bach. See # 16 for the lyrics for this post. This was a fun one to write.

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