Sunday, March 29, 2009

I enjoy food, wine and....

I had a coffee date this morning. I'm very glad I scheduled it for the morning and got it over with. They are so very awkward for me and I didn't want to wait around all day thinking about it. But maybe it's kind of weird to meet at 10:30 for a "date," I don't know. But at least it was over with by noonish and I have the rest of the day to myself to do with as I please (which consisted of buying a bunch of books, love the books).

This woman was nice enough, but for me there was no immediate connection. And as sad as I am to say this, I apparently really am looking for that immediate connection. Or at least the recognition that there is something there that I want to pursue. Maybe I'll feel differently tomorrow, but right now I'm chalking this "date" up as another "well, at least I tried" moment in my life.

I can look past the braces (yes, she has braces) because those won't be there forever and she has a nice smile. She was pretty, not stunning (which is good and what I prefer), brown eyes that had depth. She's Brazilian so there was a little language issue for me, not a huge one though which was good and which I'm sure would pass into the realm of things you forget over time. I couldn't tell sometimes if she was serious or joking but I suppose until you get to know someone that can be difficult to tell sometimes.

But she had trouble asking me about things. Like I asked her about her family and if she traveled home to Brazil often. She could easily have said to me "and what about your family?" after she'd answered me. But she didn't so I kept asking her questions. My favorite part of the whole "date" though was while we were chatting about things we liked to do. Her response, toward the end of the conversation was "I like food, wine and sex." Allllllrighty then! I guess that's a pretty honest answer.

And I also could tell she was a very tactile person. And while I wish I was, I am not a tactile person. We just weren't a family that did a lot touchy feely stuff when I was a kid. Not faulting my family or my parents, it's just how it was/is. I'm not a big hugger even with my close friends. And perhaps I need a very tactile person to help me break out of that shell, I don't know. Also, the hug as we were parting lasted a little too long for me. See "not a big hugger" above.

Also I need a dating coach. I think this might be easier for me if I had someone telling me what to say via a tiny hidden ear piece sort of like the CD Bales character in the movie Roxanne. Take for instance my response to her invitation to continue our "date" over lunch because she was getting hungry. Instead of the good response (which I thought of about 5 minutes ago while changing the laundry, only 4 or so hours too late) which is "I'm sorry I can't, I promised my friends I'd meet them for lunch in a half hour" my response was "I'm sorry I can't, I have to go grocery shopping and do laundry." Seriously!? "I have to go grocery shopping and do laundry" was the best I could come up with? WTF?

And I get to do this all over again with a different woman later this week. I am maybe not excited about that prospect. I only have a couple days to recover from this go around.

Today's song is in honor of my "date's" love of wine. I give you Red Red Wine by UB40.

Red, red wine
Stay close to me
Don't let me be alone
It's tearin' apart
My blue, blue heart

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