Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random list number two

Before I get too far into my post I would like to add a person to my list of people I find far more attractive than Angelina Jolie. My addition is Paz Vega. She is gorgeous. I would like to find myself one of her to have for my very own. And on to the rest of my post while I dream about finding my very own Paz Vega. Or Zooey Deschanel. Or Tina Fey......

I have a bunch of random thoughts going through my head again tonight. The first of which is about being an only child and how scary that is as your parents age. My father had a bit of a scare this past weekend and was hospitalized with a blood clot behind his left knee. Blood clots are, as his doctor put it, "potentially life threatening events." And he had it for probably 60 or so hours before he was admitted to the hospital. It could have broken loose from where it was stuck and gone rushing through his veins to lodge someplace else which could have killed him. That's some scary stuff right there. The good thing is that he's home from the hospital today and feeling much better.

It was hard to see him in his hospital bed in that little gown with an IV sticking out of his hand and black sharpie on his leg in three places so they could monitor the swelling with his right hand trembling uncontrollably. That's not my father. That is not the man who played catch with me as a child or who taught me how to throw a football in a spiral or who read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy to me. It really reinforced for me that my parents are aging. They are slowing down and before I know it their care will be in my hands. I am not sure I can do it on my own. And therefore I choose not to think about it most of the time. Until that is I am faced with a situation where one of them is ill. And then I think about it all the time.

Next up on the random thoughts list is you never out grow the giddiness of a snow day. I had one yesterday and after the weekend I had (see father in hospital with potentially life threatening blood clot above) I really needed the extra day off. I watched four movies and stayed in pajamas all day. On the one hand I feel like such a loser for doing nothing productive but on the other hand I needed the time to just relax.

Thirdly on the random thought list. I love Rent. I love it so much. I listened to the soundtrack three times in a row today. I admit that might be a little much. There is probably a support group for people like me. I often wonder what Jonathon Larson might have written had he not died so suddenly. I think the world lost a great artist on that day. And also when I see people who have been in Rent on other things (Taye Diggs on Private Practice or Traci Thoms on Cold Case or Indina Menzel in Enchanted for instance) I want them to sing their lines. But they never do. And that makes me sad.

Fourth. Internet dating is such an odd thing. My history so far:
1. coffee date with woman with orange teeth who's idea of smoking on occasion was a cigarette every few hours
2. coffee date with FMHW which ended in a really happy and fun 5 or so months which I would have liked to continue
3. an invitation from a complete stranger to rent a car, drive to Florida on Spring Break and swim with the manatees with her
4. a coffee date with a woman who's name I don't even remember because she was that unremarkable (who I then had to dodge in WalMart a week later because I never answered her e-mail)
5. a coffee date with a woman who's face with just, well, off and who's speech was slightly impared because of it and with whom I had NOTHING in common other than on paper, we were sooooo not a match.

I cannot tell if the list above is a good track record or a bad track record. And for some reason I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Oh and I just remembered #4 above's name!

Fifth, well I'm sure there was a fifth when I started this post, but I can't remember it right now. Oh, maybe it was that I would really like it if people who are sick as dogs would stay the fuck home instead of bringing their germs to work. And also these people should go to the fucking doctor if they have been sick for three weeks now. Please I beg of you, use your sick days!!! You will lose more time if you come to work sick than you would if you just stayed home. Not to mentioned the productivity of other people being diminshed because you got them sick and they had to stay home from work because of it. I will repeat it once more. If you are sick STAY HOME!

And my song for the day is Sweet Darlin' by She and Him. I love this song. I adore She and Him, I can't wait for their next album to come out. I refuse to think they will only produce the one. If you haven't heard of them I urge you to check them out. And full disclosure Zooey Deschanel is the She of She and Him.

When I was a little bit younger
the strain I was under could make me cry
Now I'm a little bit older,
a little bit bolder
never so shy

Sweet darlin', come hold me
just a little bit longer now

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