Sunday, June 7, 2009

These are a few....

So, it's Sunday night and I'm watching the Tony Awards. Because my attention isn't fully on what I'm writing I thought I'd make a list of a few of my most recent favorite things.

1. This blog is awesome. I wish I'd had the idea for it, but since I didn't I'll settle for reading it and laughing. Or reading and going WTF? Or reading it and hoping humanity isn't really doomed. Be patient if it doesn't load. They're changing hosts and until that happens the site is a bit slow. But its worth the wait.

2. Love this video. I actually like this song better, but the timing and concentration needed to make that video is awesome. In short, check out David Ford's album Songs for the Road.

3. Warm sunny days. Love them. I love them even more when I get to be outside during them and not cooped up in my office. Like today when I planted my spur of the moment mini garden and took my time mowing my lawn (being super anal suburanite). For me it's not even having my lawn look better than my neighbors, it's the active meditation that riding around on my lawn tractor gives me. What a great day!

4. Making plans. Everyone needs something to look forward to, no matter how small it might seem to someone else. Just like one person's mountian is another's mole hill, one person's little plan is the thing that someone else absolutely cannot wait for, the thing that helps them get through the long intervening days.

5. Buying new sneakers. Before Saturday I don't think I'd bought a new pair of sneakers in at least three years, probably longer. I LOVE sneakers, but I rarely wear them anymore. And lately the colors combinations and the shininess have left me wishing someone, anyone would design a sneaker for someone like me. I just want a nice plain sneaker (but not all white or all black) without shiny or pink on it. On Saturday I finally found a pair that I would be caught dead in AND that actually fit. Very exciting.

6. Grilling season. I eat so much better during grilling season. During the colder months I'm not as good about making healthy dinners. During grilling season I eat enough chicken that I should start sprouting feathers of my own, but at least I'm getting some protein. I made chicken and vegetable kabobs with rice for dinner tonight. So yummy with left overs for lunch.

7. I want there to be a # 7 but I'm tired and can't think of one.

8. I know what I wanted to say for # 7. Since I'm watching the Tony's I keep waiting for a Rent reference. So far it hasn't happened. I have seen far too much of Constantine Maroulis who's facial expressions still kind of freak me out (also glad he didn't win the award he was nominated for, the three boys who shared the award are sooo adorable). Also, Carrie Fisher doesn't look so great. But Susan Sarandon looks amazing. As does Jane Fonda.

9. Hartford Stage got a shout out on the Tony's which is pretty cool.

10. Back to the things I love. Fruit. Specifically summer fruit. I love that blackberries are coming into season. And that watermelon is back. And then there are grapes and cherries and mango. I'm now making myself hungry.

The lyrics for this post come from the song I linked to above, Song for the Road by David Ford. I discovered him thanks to following Ingrid Michaelson on Twitter. She posted a link to the video I linked to above which lead to my downloading his album. I really should thank her for that....Anyhow, I won't post all the lyrics to this song though I easily could. The end of the song is my favorite, it's sung with such emotion and conviction, but that's not what I'm posting (you can listen and decide for yourself). It was hard to pick just a snippet of the song, but I really like this part so here you go.

So you can keep your belief in whatever
I'll wear my cynicism like a tattoo
While poets try to engineer definitions of love
You know all I can think of is you


Francesca said...

during the West Side Story performance... there was a chance for a Rent reference. You know, "Cold hands, yours too."

I really wanted Tony to say "wanna dance?"

Jess said...

Even during the closing number NPH could have sung something about Rents closing. Oh well, I suppose the whole world doesn't revolve around Rent. At least there was mention of the Jonathon Larson award.