Saturday, April 4, 2009

No title, please make up your own

I haven't been able to fully wake up all day. I don't know if it's because I'm just plain tired or if it's because I went back to bed for three hours after I got up this morning. I guess that would be considered a nap. And I don't nap well. It takes me forever to fall asleep when I nap and then when I wake up I feel all woozy and actually worse than before I feel asleep. There's no woozy feeling today, but there is the "I really just want to go back to sleep" feeling. And I've had it all freaking day.

Today I managed to build a step for Maggie to be able to get up on the couch herself and take her for a walk. That is the sum total of what I've done today. I can't even summon the energy to read. And I want to read because I have three or four books that I wish I could hold up to my head and just know them from beginning to end.

Feeling like this on a weekend is better than feeling like this all day at work I guess. But I still feel like my weekend is being wasted. I have a laundry list of things to do that I feel looming over my head and because I set such high standards for myself I feel as though I'm letting myself down when I'm not able to cross something(s) off my list on a weekend. I bet there's a support group for people like me. I will have to put looking for one on my to do list.

I feel like I had something else to say when I started this post and it is now gone into the black hole of my memory. I bet I'll remember what it was as soon as I publish this post. And on a completely unrelated topic I am trying to use up a candle. The damn thing which looked as though it wouldn't even light has been burning for hours. Many many many hours over the course of three days. I am beginning to wonder if it's some sort of magic candle.

Hmmmm, a song for this post.....we'll go with Candlelight by Imogen Heap.

I am alone, surrounded by
the color blue
inside a poem, the only
words I ever knew
washing my hands, of the
many years untold
for now I am banned, my
future is to unfold

would you take my
would you take my
would you take my
away from me

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