Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yeah, sooooo

Just a quick post to say that the candle I was trying to use up was not in fact a magical candle. Shortly after I posted last night I was in my kitchen and I heard a pop and something make a sort of jingling noise.

Ice cream scoop in hand I went to investigate and found that the jar that the candle was in had, um, exploded on top of my grandmother's antique bookcase. The jingling noise being, of course, glass hitting the hardwood floor. I cleaned up the mess right away (hot wet wax puddled under what was left of the jar and a few scattered shards of glass) and then finished scooping my ice cream. No real harm done thankfully.

Also, you might be interested to know that by the time the candle has burned low enough to make the glass jar explode most if not all of the good smell of the scented candle has been used up and it is replaced by this stench of burning something that is rather unpleasant. Just wanted to share that with you all for future reference. In case, you know, you were thinking of seeing just how long the candle would in fact burn.

And you might want to be a tad careful just like the label on the candle says and do not burn the candle unattended. That is my PSA for the evening. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Lyrics for this post.....hmmm....oh!!! I give to you Eternal Flame by the Bangles.

Close your eyes, give me your hand, darling
Do you feel my heart beating, do you understand?
Do you feel the same, am I only dreaming?
Is this burning, an eternal flame?

I believe it's meant to be, darling
I watch you when you are sleeping, you belong to me
Do you feel the same, am I only dreaming
Or is this burning an eternal flame?


Kim Kenney said...

I had always heard "rumors" about exploding jar candles, but it never happened to anyone I knew! I even suggested it as a topic for MythBusters once -- they totally ignored me.

I'm glad nothing bad happened, and I will heed your PSA -- no burning candles unattended!!

Jess said...

Oh, the rumors are definitely true, the jar candles can definitely explode. I'm kind of glad I didn't actually see it happen.