Sunday, May 3, 2009


There are some artists who seem to speak not just to my heart but directly to my soul. Ingrid Michaelson is one of those artists. Not only is she vocally talented, no make that vocally gifted, she also writes excellent songs and does a mean cover (examples here and here).

I also like to think in the silly little world that I live in inside my head that she and I could be friends. She seems like a very down to earth, slightly goofy, person with whom I'd love to spend time. Of course I might always be asking her to sing for me which she would probably get rather sick of after a little while. All in all she seems like a regular person who would enjoy sitting and chatting with me and my friends and not some high maintenance superstar who doesn't have time for all the "little people."

I honestly cannot give her enough credit for what she does. And here's where I admit publicly that I do believe she is my favorite artist. She's dethroned a woman who has seen me through a lot of ups and downs in my life for that number one spot, Sarah McLachlan. I came to love Ingrid after hearing The Way I Am on that Old Navy commercial a while back. And thanks to the miracle of the internet and iTunes I was able to figure out who she was and buy her music.

I've yet to see Ingrid in concert. Hopefully she'll play someplace close to home the next time she tours in the US. And of course in my head I go to this concert and somehow manage to run into her, you know, all accidentally and such, and we become immediate BFF's. What would really happen of course is that I would sit through her concert mesmerized, walk out in a daze afterward and never see her standing right next to me. And if I did see her I wouldn't know what to say and would likely say something stupid or something that comes off sounding creepy instead of witty. Because really it's me we're talking about and "smooth" is NOT my middle name.

I repeat, I heart Ingrid. Love her. She's incredible.

And of course I couldn't post a blog detailing my extreme Ingrid love and NOT post Ingrid lyrics with it could I? I give you Porcelain Fists. The first line says it all.

"Follow your heart," he said.
Your heart will take you there.
"Swallow your pride," he said.
For pride is anything but rare.
So I walked into your eyes without a raincoat on
And in the salty sea, I find you're all but gone.

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